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Wisp, a nordic ambient puzzle adventure with rich forests and enchanting music!

"Yeah, this is one Hell of a game. It's like Dark Nebula and Lander had a child."

"I'm loving Wisp so far, it's every bit as gorgeous as it is fun to play."

The Lite-version works as a prologue to the Full-version, with exclusive levels!

Eira, a wisp of the forest, is lost and you must help her find her way home.

The journey won’t be without danger though: in the forest lies the ancient and bleeding creature Fáfnir. His blood seeps from his wounds and out into the forest where it gains a life of its own; corrupting and defiling the surrounding woods and any life it comes in contact with. Eira has to avoid being consumed, while solving the mysteries ahead of her.

The Lite-version works as a prologue to the Full-version, with exclusive levels!

IMPORTANT!!! If you are experiencing errors downloading or installing Wisp, please follow the steps in this link provided by Google for this common Android Marketplace bug: http://www.google.com/support/androidmarket/developer/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1067233


"Full of beautiful artwork and soothing music, this is definitely a remarkable new title."

"Wisp definitely gets our seal of approval. We had some issues with crashes on the Nexus S when we first looked at the game, but after contacting the developer the issues got sorted out in an update. That’s the kind of amazing customer interaction we like to see."

"The music in Wisp is really good and so its variety of tracks is as well. So it is also possible that the music switches during you are still in the same level what’s really rare in games. Like the title says it’s a mix of nordic style music which suprisely isn’t getting annoying by time. It’s a really relaxing kind of music."

"Checkpoints are generously handed out, there’s no time limit and the pleasure in finally cracking a puzzle, sending Eira on a soaring path through what seemed like certain death only moments before, beats much of the competition hollow. It’d be a crime if this got ignored in favour of the countless generic big-ticket mobile puzzlers out there"

"I usually stick to sim or action games, but I honestly enjoyed Wisp a lot. It was a different gaming experience, and it’s very easy to pick up and play. The music really sets the tone of the game, and it’s very easy to get sucked in while you’re playing the first few levels."


"Anyway, this is one heck of a beautiful little game. I am only on the 2nd world right now, but hoping for some variety in the environments in the 3rd. Having said that, the 2.5D fantasy art is really bewitching. Music is also outstanding. This is a game that, if you like the fantasy setting, will certainly appeal to you."

"Well done to the developers for creating something just a little different...."


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The gameplay consists of you guiding Eira through the forest, avoiding the black blood of Fáfnir and utilizing the many elemental shrines that are scattered all over the woods. These shrines contain magical powers that grant Eira the powers of earth, fire and ice.


To control Eira you simply touch the screen and she will float upwards. Release and she will descend to the ground. To make her go left and right you tilt your phone. This means that the only buttons you will see are for the menus.


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