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BitWords is six different word finding games in one. It takes the word search style games to the next level. The three distinct game modes work very differently (Falling, Timed and Strategic). Each game mode has two difficulty modes (Easy, Hard) which changes the way you can make the words.

Difficulty Modes

  • Easy: Letters don't need to be adjacent. Good for people who want easy an relaxing game.
  • Hard: Each letter of the word must be adjacent to the previous letter used in that word. Good for people who want a challenge.

Game Modes

  • Falling Letters mode: letters keep coming and you must get rid of them as quickly as possible
  • Timed mode: you have a given amount of time to complete as many words as possible
  • Strategic mode: you have as much time as you like, but with each move you get closer to losing.

Huge dictionary of 250000 words derived from the official Scrabble words list. If it's not in this list, it's not official. If you have a word that's not on the list but you believe it should be, email me.

Has online and local scoreboards for each game mode, so you can compare your high-score to other players around the world.


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