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A streamlined version of the classic Risk board game. Based off the official iPhone game with a lot of personal tweaks and changes. Supports two to six players, any mixture of players and AI. Local pass-and-play and full online multiplayer which ties into Scoreloop player accounts.

Comes with seventeen maps currently, more added constantly, Earth (classic Risk map), Earth II (Risk II map), New World, America, Europe, Godstorm, Asia, Middle Earth (LotR), Truth, Westeros, Cybertron, Big Game Hunters, Halo Wars, Star Wars, XKCD, Darren Malley and Simeon Says.

A bunch of the common variations of Risk can be set in the options menu. You can also vary the initial startup settings. Supports game saving and loading. Realistic sound effects.

Don't be afraid to email me directly with any questions or legitimate refund requests. Check out the website for more information, future plans, or to submit feature requests and feedback directly to me.

NOTE: Online multiplayer is in a BETA phase! Please be patient with any issues, let me know of any problems and I'll get them fixed as soon as possible.


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