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180 Ultra


Get 180 Ultra Now


Buy ULTRA for $2, or play the FREE version to unlock ALL content & remove ads!

Hundreds of thousands of gamers enjoy 180 and now so can you, on Android for the first time ever!

Easy for anyone to learn in a minute, but deep enough to challenge the most extreme players. Fans of classic games like Tetris Attack and Bust-a-Move will love the new "shoot and flip" mechanic!

180 is an insane flipping match-3 drop action puzzle game! Launch coins into three-in-a-rows to clear the vertically-descending board. Play alternate colors by flipping coins 180 degrees at any time. Create incredible combos and be rewarded with HUGE scores - just don't let the coins touch the red line at the bottom, or it's game over!

  • Classic gameplay that's infinitely replayable - You'll never put this game down!
  • Multiple game modes, characters, and themes
  • Various difficulty levels to hone your skill
  • Multiple gameplay secrets - Can you figure them out?
  • OpenFeint achievements and online leaderboards
  • Colorful, HD graphics - Ready for your tablet!
  • Comprehensive stat tracking
  • Color-blind friendly
  • Several updates planned for the future!

Developed by people who've worked on some of your favorite games (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Might & Magic, Knights of the Old Republic, Guitar Hero)


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