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Queenie needs your help - Collect all the Magic Stars without getting trapped!

** Honeycomb 3.0 support, Tablet, and Tegra 2 **

Queenie needs your help collecting the Magic Stars scattered throughout her kingdom. But be careful, one wrong move could leave you trapped with no way out.

There are 64 levels to negotiate, split across 4 regions of the kingdom. Along the way you'll find keys to unlock 8 further Bonus levels. You'll have to be at your best to complete them all!

FEATURED on ANDROID MARKET May 18th - June 11th

"Squarely in the top 10" ~ AMAZON APP OF THE DAY

"A colourful and challenging puzzler that is refreshingly easy to get stuck into and surprisingly long-lasting" ~ Pocket Gamer. Awarded a MEDAL

"92/100 - This game is a great way to learn how to look at problems, and find solutions." ~ FAMILY FRIENDLY GAMING

"..the game is beautiful.. some serious potential for longevity." ~ CORONA APP OF THE WEEK


- 64 Levels and 8 Bonus levels
- Level achievements to extend game play
- Full Tablet support (Inc. high res. graphics, no scaling)
- Support for lower resolution devices
- Easy to use, and simple controls
- No Ads
- More levels to come!

What are you waiting for? Start your exciting journey today!

STUCK? Check out our website for a walkthrough!

NOTE: Phones with very limited memory like the Wildfire may not be able to run this game. Please close all other apps before launching on such phones.


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