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» What is Appscribe?

Appscribe is a new service that can help promote your Android apps/games and help provide recurring monthly income. We started appscribe because so many developers we have talked to have expressed their frustration selling their apps/games on the Android Market. If you have developed a quality Android app/game and want to know more about how we can help you generate more sales, please contact us using the form below, or email us at info@appscribe.co

» Getting Noticed

How can serious developers separate themselves from the crowd? You work hard to develop a quality app/game for Android, once included in appscribe you will benifit from increased exposure as more users are using your app/game. We also have partnerships with Android Review sites and will be publishing reviews of your apps/games to help get the word out for your app/games.

» What's in it for Subscribers?

We help users find access to trusted Android apps/games. Developers are not the only ones frustrated with the Android Market, users are tired of digging through all the junk to try to find apps they like that they can trust. There are too many apps/games to search through and too many shady developers. For a small monthly fee subscribers can get access to our library of quality hand picked apps/games.

» How do I get paid?

Developers will get a guaranteed monthly income based on the total number of subscribers. Also, remember that apps/games included in appscribe will benefit from the increased exposure of their apps to non-subscribers.

Get Started Now!

Fill out the form below to get started. Or send and email to: info@appscribe.co

We will provide a small library which you can include in the demo version of your app/game. This SDK will provide authentication through our servers to allow full features of the app/game to be enabled.

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